In Mood productions





Working in production since 2009, Ana Machado founded In Mood Productions in 2017.

What started as curiosity quickly became a passion: the visual media industry.

With 8 years of experience working with both international and national companies, In Mood Productions develops small to medium-scale campaigns and fashion, all over the country.



André Brito, Aloisio Brito, Carlos Teixeira, Joel Bessa, José Ferreira, João Otavio, Mário Principe, Pedro Afonso, Ricardo Santos, Sara Correia, Vasco Melro


Latitid, Impetus, Mr.Blue, Viana Blue, Elsa Barreto, Sofia Godinho, Mingle &co, Riopele, Averse, Mlv Shoes, Pedro Pedro, Taibo Bacar, Marie del Roche, Guimanos, Gardel by moore, Undandy, MDS, Mango, Vilanova, Tiffosi, Bluebird, Sal de Pipa, The Code


Vogue, Elle, L’officiel, Harper’s Bazar