In Mood productions





Working in production since 2009, Ana Machado founded In Mood Productions in 2017.

What started as curiosity quickly became a passion: the visual media industry.

With 8 years of experience working with both international and national companies, In Mood Productions develops small to medium-scale campaigns and fashion, all over the country.



Photographers: André Brito, Carlos Teixeira, Joel Bessa, João Otavio, Mário Principe, Pedro Afonso, Ricardo Santos

Clients: Latitid, Impetus, Mr.Blue, Viana Blue, Elsa Barreto, Sofia Godinho, Mingle &co, Riopele, Averse, Mlv Shoes, Pedro Pedro, Taibo Bacar, Marie del Roche, Guimanos, Gardel by moore, Undandy, MDS, Mango